Saturday, January 22, 2022

Homemade Brown Sugar Recipe

        What do you do when you run out of brown sugar?  I don’t jump in the car and head into town to buy more…I just make some up and you can too.  The homemade version is a great baking substitute. 

        You need just 2 ingredients to make your own brown sugar:  granulated white sugar and molasses.  That’s it.


1 c. granulate white sugar

1 T. molasses


            Combine the two ingredients together in a bowl and using a fork, work the ingredients together until all the molasses and sugar are combined. 


      Store in an airtight container until ready to use.  To keep your brown sugar nice and soft, add in a piece of bread or a few marshmallows on top of the brown sugar in the air tight container.  The additions will help control the moisture and keep your brown sugar soft.

             I use brown sugar often in my breakfast rice or on top of oatmeal but also use it in much of my baking on recipes such as: my 3 ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies, Country Apple Bread, or in my Honey Bun Cake


             I also use it in savory dishes such as on my ribs or glazed pork chops. 



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