1. Hello. I am going through testing to see if I have ms. After my last Mir the doctor seems certain plus the last bout of symptoms. I am having memory issues which is very scary because I also homeschool 3 children. I am suppose to have a lumbar puncture soon, waiting on scheduling, then meet with the Doctor over results and talk treatments Oct4th. I stumbled across your blog because today has been a hard day with homeschooling and my memory. I was trying to see if there are other moms with ms and memory issues and successfully homeschool their children. Any help or thoughts would be great! Thank you in advance

    1. Debra, so glad you came to my blog. It is really scary but with a good support system, you can do it. I have a LOT of memory issues and it can be frustrating and scary. My hubby and my boys really help me. They support me and help remind me of things and keep my spirits up. My biggest issue is depression. Feel free to email me ( or find me on FB on my FB page. The link to it is above on the blog post.


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