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Here you can read posts about our Christian beliefs, etc.

Prayer Chain

What a woman should be according to God's Word

Pray for our son Ronny

Prayer:  Questions and Reflections

Our Top 10 Favorite Bible Verses

Submission to the Lord and a Prayer Report

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Praying for Boston

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  1. I love your page. I was searching for frugal living ideas. We've lived this way for the last 6 years. After job loss, it got us through a very tough time. If I hadn't known how to use coupons, and web-sites, we wouldn't have made it. By cooking at home, and saving all we could , we made it through in style. I'm happy to report a job, and another job for me. Two jobs for me from frugal living and couponing teaching. Congratulations! you have a really interesting page.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments. I do appreciate them and you. I am so glad you all were able to find other jobs. I would love to hear more about your jobs that you have teaching couponing and frugal living.


Monthly Update

    Gosh, I am sure glad May 2020 is over with.  It was a rough month for everyone and now with the civil unrest going on, June is not real...