Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Best Cakes for You to Make for Your Valentine Day's Sweetheart

    Love is in the air and it smells delicious.  Find the perfect cake to whip up for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart from this recipe collection from my blog because as we all know, the perfect way to a heart is through the stomach.  Find a cake for you to fall in love with! 


1.  Sinfully Good Double Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake.  

    This cake is not only delicious but looks quite lovely too.  


2.  Luscious and Rich Chocolate Lasagna.

    Okay, this isn't actually a cake but it is too good not to have on this list.  Luscious, rich and super sexy.

3.  Death by Chocolate Cake!

    Rich, decadent and oh, so good.



 4.  Cinnamon Roll Cake.


5.   Hot Fudge Cake.

    Not too sweet and pairs great with a bowl of cold vanilla ice cream. 

 6. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake.

     For those of you whose first thought is pumpkin and chocolate together does not sound appealing, give it a shot.  You'd be amazed how well these two flavors compliment one another.

7.  Cherry Dump Cake

    Foolproof and so easy to make.  

 8.  Dreamy Pumpkin Cake.

     Super moist with lovely spices added to it.


9.  Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake.


10.  Sugar Free Blueberry Coffee Cake.

    For those whose sweeties are diabetic, a delicious option.



    Which is your favorite?


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