Saturday, February 26, 2022

The Last Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe that You Will Ever Need

            This Caesar salad dressing is super creamy and is bursting with such amazing flavor that is SOOOOOO much better than any store-bought variety!

    It is even better than ones you can find at your favorite restaurant.  It is that good.  It is not only great for a salad but makes a great dip for a nice mezze platter alongside some crudités. 

 ·         1/3-1/2 c. olive oil

·         ¼ c. Parmesan grated cheese

·         2 lg. egg yolks or ¼ c. egg substitute (similar to Egg Beaters)

·         3 cloves garlic, chopped

·         2 T. lemon juice

·         1 T. Dijon mustard

·         1 T. anchovy paste

·         1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

·         1 tsp. salt

·         1 tsp. pepper

·         1 tsp. sugar


            Blend together all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth.  It will probably take a minute or two of blending to get it smooth and creamy.  Once it is creamy, pour into a mason jar or other airtight container with a lid and refrigerate for 8-10 hours before serving.  


Great to use on your classic Caesar salad, with some lovely veggies or as a dip.  I also love to use it as a marinade forchicken, as a dressing for some pasta, or even to use in potato salad to give it a different flair. I have even used it to dress a cheeseburger.  So many possibilities...



    Be sure to check out some of my other great homemade dressing recipes including: Catalina Salad Dressing, Oil & Vinegar Salad Dressing, French Salad Dressing, Ranch Dressing and Italian Dressing.  Check them out and let me know which is your favorite?




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