Friday, December 31, 2021

Top 10 Viral Recipes and Posts of 2021

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    2021 has almost come to a close and a new year is about to begin.  Today we are going to look back at some of my most popular recipes of the year 2021. 

Top 10 Viral Recipes and Posts of 2021


 1. Chicken & Rice Soup Mix in a Jar.  It is the most viewed recipe for 2021 and has placed in the top 10 each year since 2017. It has been viewed over 5,000 times this year and over 75,000 since I first posted it.  Click on the name to see why it is so beloved. 

2.  Only one of two posts that makes the top 10 this year that is not a recipe.  It is How and Why to Dehydrate Aloe Vera


3.  Dehydrating potatoes for long term storage is the other non-recipe post to be most viewed this year.  Dehydrating potatoes is a smart move.  Ten pounds of potatoes, once dehydrated, will fit into just 3 quart jars.  Talk about space saving! 


4.  True Southern Pimento Cheese Spread. Makes the perfect sandwich spread and is so much better than any you can buy at a store.



5.  Homemade Au Jus Mix. I decided to come up with a homemade mix that would be similar (but superior) to the store-bought envelopes of the mix.  This turned out even better than I dreamed.  There is so much flavor that comes from the mix and you can have the homemade taste in a matter of minutes!

6. Hot Apple Cider Cinnamon Spice Mix.

     This recipe is for homemade Hot Apple Cider Cinnamon Spice mix and it is simply amazing.  Transform any apple juice, red wine, or apple cider into a lovely and aromatic drink that will turn cold days and cold nights into a comforting experience.  It just smells and tastes like the holidays!



7.  Homemade Spice Cake Mix

     There is something so warm and inviting about a spice cake.  They smell so good and taste even better.  This recipe will make you a "mix" so anytime you want to enjoy a spice cake, you only need to add the wet ingredients and you will be ready to go.



8.  Potato Soup Mix-in-a-Jar.

     Once mixed up, this potato soup has a smooth consistency that is not too thin nor too thick.  Some recipes for potato soup in a jar comes out looking and tasting like mashed potatoes but not this one.  This one tastes like it should:  a flavorful, aromatic, and delicious bowl of soup!   This recipe is family tested and they all approved of it.  I'm sure your family and friends will like it too.



9. Homemade Chocolate Cake Mix Recipe (Makes 3 cakes)

     I came up with this recipe years and years ago.  It is a mix you can store for up to 3 months (or more) and will make 3 full size 9"x13" cakes.  The cake is so good that we generally don't even frost it because it is so moist and delicious no other topping is needed.  Occasionally we do dust the top of it with powdered sugar but that is more for presentation than anything.

      Rice pudding is creamy, sweet, delicious and just perfect.  It really is the ultimate comfort food.  My recipe adds the classic combination of cinnamon and raisin to make the classic recipe even better.  It has the perfect texture together with the soft rice and chewy raisins, so follow my recipe and whip you up this old time favorite dessert today!

    Which one of these is your favorite? I hope you are greatly blessed in the upcoming new year!


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