Sunday, March 20, 2022

Melody’s Melt in Your Mouth Brisket

    There is nothing worse than a tough and dry brisket.  No worries of that happening if you follow my recipe and directions.  My briskets always turn out juicy, tender and will literally melt in your mouth.  On top of that, your home will smell AMAZING as it cooks AND I do not use a smoker to cook my brisket.  I use my crock pot and so should you.  

    The ONLY way to cook brisket is low and slow.  That is because brisket is a tough cut of meat.  The brisket is cut from the cow’s breast area.  This is where the muscles of the cow are used to support the weight of the cow when it is standing or moving. Because of this, brisket has a lot of connective tissue. You must cook brisket low and slow to break down these muscle fibers and connective tissue. 


·        3 lb. beef brisket (flat cut, preferably)

·        1 ½ c. Coca-Cola (helps break down the collagen and tissues)

·        1 c. beef broth or beef stock

·        3 celery stalks, cut into 1” pieces

·        2 lbs. golden baby potatoes

·        1 lb. carrots, peeled and cut into 2” pieces

·        1 small yellow onion cut into 6-8 wedges

·        1 envelope onion soup mix or use ¼ cup homemade onion soup mix

·        2 T. Worcestershire sauce

·        1 T. vegetable oil (I use canola or olive oil)

·        1 ½ tsp. salt

·        1 tsp. pepper


Spray a 6-8 quart crockpot or slow cooker with cooking spray. Turn it onto high and replace the lid.   Turn on the stove to medium-high and heat up a large cast iron skillet.  Rub oil, salt and pepper all over the brisket. Once the skillet has gotten hot, place the brisket in the pan with the fattiest side down and cook for 2 minutes.  Turn the brisket over and cook 2 ½-3 minutes, or until it has browned. Move to a platter and set aside.

In a small bowl, combine the onion soup mix, salt and pepper.  Take this mixture and rub it on both sides of the brisket. Put the brisket (fat cap side down) into the crockpot.  Place the celery, potatoes, carrots and onions into the crock pot. 

In a small bowl, whisk together the Coca-Cola, broth and Worcestershire sauce together and pour into the crockpot.  Replace the lid and turn the crock pot to low and allow the brisket to cook for at least 8 hours.  

  Brisket is considered safe to eat at a temperature of 135 degrees-150 degrees.  Brisket will still be tough at those temperatures so I cook mine to an internal temperature of 195-200 degrees to ensure it will be juicy and tender.  If you do not have a meat thermometer, you can test the brisket by putting a fork into the edge of the brisket and you should be able to twist it and pull off a piece of the meat.  If it doesn’t come off easy, then you should cook it longer.

Once the brisket is done, remove it and put it on a cutting board with the fat cap side up.  Thinly slice the brisket against the grain.  Serve it with the lovely vegetables that cooked with the brisket.  I love using the juices that remain in the crock pot and I pour it over the brisket and vegetables. 



A 3 lb. brisket will generally provide 10 servings. 

HINT:  If you do not plan on eating right away but want to eat in about 2-3 hours, a great way to keep it moist is to wrap the brisket tightly in aluminum foil and then wrap a towel around it and put it in your igloo cooler.  It can stay moist and warm in there for several hours.

I love serving some crusty bread with this brisket dinner.  The bread is so lovely and tastes amazing as you sop up all the liquid on your plate.  Follow it up with a slice of Fudgy BrowniePie or Chocolate Mousse Pie.  Yum!


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