Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Top 5 Recipes of the Month of February 2022


    The top 5 most viewed recipes for January 2022 are listed below.  Be sure to go and view them all and let us know which one is your favorite?  

1.  Old fashioned Ground Beef Stew:

         This is my recipe for Old Fashioned Beef Stew.  I have nurtured and tweaked this recipe over the past 30 years and have it perfected.  It is hearty and delicious.  Mmmmm.  A true classic.  Nothing is more inviting! 



2.  Corn Cob Jelly:

    Corn cob jelly is a food that has been around for a long, long time.  Our ancestors knew how to use and reuse so many items that we, today, just throw away.  This is one of those items.  Corn cob jelly does NOT taste like corn...it tastes almost like honey.


3.  Apricot Glazed Cocktail Meatballs:

    These cocktail meatballs are always a hit no matter where I take them.  The sauce is full of flavor and is both sweet and tangy and is super easy to make.  

4.  Dehydrating Cilantro:

    I generally cannot use up a whole bunch of cilantro before it goes bad so instead of letting it go to waste, I dehydrate it so I have it on hand whenever I need it.  


5.  Dehydrating Hashbrown Style Potatoes: 

 If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you know I am a dehydrating fool. Dehydrated foods last a LONG time; dehydrating is easy and fun; dehydrated foods take up less space than even home canning.  I usually dehydrate my potatoes into the au gratin/scalloped potato style but we love having hash browns for breakfast and use them in casseroles so I decided to start dehydrating some shredded potatoes also. 


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