Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Making your own DIY Foaming Hand Soap

    With the pandemic, we really got to using foaming hand soap because with a good lather, I feel like you can get your hands cleaner than with some of the soaps out there that does not lather well.   This is super easy to make, effective and very inexpensive.  


1 c. distilled or filtered water

1/3 c. liquid body wash, liquid soap (such as castile soap)

1 tsp. olive oil, vitamin E oil, or grapeseed oil

5-10 drops essential oil, optional (I like to use lavender)

Foaming hand soap dispenser


             Pour all the ingredients into the foaming hand soap dispenser (in the order listed) and shake well.  Because of the oil that is added, you will need to gently shake the bottle before each use.  Dispense and use as normal. 

     I also make a DIY carpet deodorizer, homemade air freshener, and homemade Play-Doh


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