Sunday, April 10, 2022

Wonderful Side Dishes for your Easter Meal


     If you are hosting Easter Dinner at your house and are looking for the perfect side dishes to serve, then you have come to the right place.  Each of these recipes are family-tested and are tried and true recipes that are sure to please each of your hungry guests. 

    Super flavorful casserole that will be a hit at your dinner table. 

    Creamed peas are one of those recipes that remind me of when I was a child.  It is a super comforting dish that is simple to make but is delicious for any day of the week or as a lovely side dish to a holiday meal.  We enjoy it so much that I serve it several times a month.  

      Our family loves mashed potatoes.  I used to think there was not such a thing as bad mashed potatoes but have found out, that sadly is not true.  I have tasted super dry mashed potatoes; soupy mashed potatoes; bland mashed potatoes, gummy mashed potatoes, etc.  Today, I am going to teach you how to make perfect mashed potatoes every time.  My techniques will show you how to whip up a batch in no time that turn out fluffy, light and buttery!
   This is a really quick and delicious way to cook green beans.  My youngest son who is autistic doesn’t really care for green beans but if I cook them this way, he loves them.  He said just plain green beans are boring but these have so much flavor.  
      My recipe yields some real creamy mac & cheese that my menfolk could not resist. It heats up wonderfully without losing the texture or creaminess so the next time your family is craving some good old fashioned mac & cheese I hope you will pull out this recipe and make it for them.

     These carrots are easy to make and are so yummy.  I love the tangy taste that the orange juice provides and the ginger gives it just enough “zing” to really up the flavor profile. 

    This corn casserole is such a comforting side dish that is perfect for a holiday meal or any meal for that fact.  It truly is one of my personal favorite side dishes of ALL TIME!  It is very easy to make and tastes so delicious and creamy.
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