Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Homemade Cup-of-Soup

    Our family loves eating "real food".  You know fresh or made from scratch items that are not processed.  Sometimes we are in a rush and we do go for convenience.  Just because something is convenient doesn't mean it can't be made quickly.  This is one of those items.  It is my version of "cup-of-soup" that is homemade and doesn't come from a box. This recipe is a hit with my family  Perfect for quick lunches or even as a quick snack to help you get through your day.


    Mix all the ingredients together and place into a pint sized mason jar.  When you are ready to eat, just add 2 cups of really hot water, stir and after 5-7 minutes, you are ready to eat. 
    Be sure to check out some of my really popular recipes, including:  Chicken and Rice Soup Mix-in-a-jar; Potato Soup Mix-in-a-jar; and Rainbow Soup Mix-in-a-jar.


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