Thursday, April 28, 2022

Cooking Fluffy Scrambled Eggs in a Cast Iron Skillet

                I LOVE to cook in my cast iron skillets.  My most favorite thing to cook in cast iron is of course cornbread but I make a lot of other things in them too and today I am going to show you how to cook eggs in the cast iron!  It is so easy to make perfect scrambled eggs in a cast iron that doesn’t stick and they taste so good this way!

                 First, turn on your stove to medium-high and put your seasoned cast iron skillet on the stove to heat up.  Once it begins to get hot, add in either a tablespoon of butter, lard or even coconut oil.  Don’t skimp on the “fat”.  These kinds of “fat” are healthy and natural and provide a lot of benefits and make your eggs turn out so lovely.


                 While your ”fats” are melting , take 6 or more eggs and whip them thoroughly in a bowl.  Be sure to whip them extra good.  This adds air into the mix and helps make them nice and fluffy when they cook.

                 Once the skillet is nice and hot and the eggs are whipped properly, pour the eggs into the skillet.  Don’t stir the eggs or touch them for the first 20-25 seconds.  Just let them cook.  Then take a spatula and go around the edges to loosen the eggs and then you can start “stirring” eggs as they cook.

                 Once the eggs are cooked, scoop them out of the pan and enjoy.  There you have it.  That is all there is to it!  Enjoy!

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