Friday, April 15, 2022

How to Make Homemade Chocolate Magic Shell

Chocolate Magic Shell is super easy to make and it works just like the store bought ones.  It is so fun to pour over ice cream and it hardens instantly and then you can crack it and enjoy it.  It is the perfect ice cream topping! SO fun and so delicious!




·        1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

·        3 T. refined coconut oil

·        ¼ tsp. sea salt


You can use any kind of chocolate you prefer as long as you do not use candy melts.  I have tried this with milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and dark chocolate.  Each one works nicely. I just prefer semi-sweet chocolate chips so that is what I used here today.


As far as the coconut oil goes, be sure to measure it out while it is a solid.  This can be done by placing it into the refrigerator for a little while.  Refined coconut oil has a neutral flavor so that is why I use it.  You can use virgin coconut oil but it will give your magic shell a bit of coconut smell and taste.

            Stir together the ingredients into a clean and dry microwave safe bowl.  Place the bowl into your microwave and microwave for 20-30 seconds at a time, stirring after each time.  Once the chocolate has completely melted, stir until smooth.  Allow the magic shell to cool for about 20 minutes and then you can use it on ice cream.  If the magic shell is too hot, it will not harden and will just melt your ice cream and that is not what we are going for here.  Once it has cooled, pour onto the ice cream and enjoy.  It can take up to 30 seconds before it hardens so just be patient.  


            Store in an airtight container at room temperature….no need to refrigerate.  It can be used for up to 1 month but it never lasts that long at our house.  If the magic shells is too hard after setting on the counter, just microwave BRIEFLY until it is the right consistency. 

            Serves 6 (about 3 tablespoons per serving) with 25 carbs per serving.

            We also make homemade caramel sauce, hot fudge sauce and even whipped topping.  Be sure to check each one out and let us know in the comment section below which is your favorite.



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