Tuesday, May 1, 2012


    How often do you go grocery shopping?  Would you believe me if I said I only grocery shop once a month? Seriously, I do.  If you want to see what one month of grocery shopping looks like, click here.  I know this way would not work for everyone but it works for us.  I have found that shopping once a month saves me not only time but also money.  I make out a list (yes, it is usually 3 pages long) and I stick to my list almost to the "t".
     How do I do this?  Easy.  I have a weekly breakfast and supper menu and we pretty much stick to it.  For example:
Sunday:  French Toast Casserole
Monday:  Pumpkin pie in a bowl or Homemade instant oatmeal
Tuesday:  Sausage & egg casserole
Wednesday:  Apple Muffins (two times a month) and the other two times is Biscuits & Gravy
Thursday:  Pumpkin pie in a bowl
Friday:  Sausage & egg casserole
Saturday:  Pancakes or waffles & sausage

Sandwiches or left-overs and homemade TV Dinners (fend for yourself, basically)

Sunday:  Roast (two times a month) and Rotisserie chicken (two times a month)
Monday:  Enchiladas & mexican rice
Tuesday:   Chicken fried rice
Wednesday:  Spaghetti & garlic bread
Thursday:  Mexican pie, Mexican Lasagna or Taco Pasta
Friday:  Pizza & salad
Saturday:  Tater Tot casserole

     The "Pumpkin pie in a bowl" I make up just once a week.  I make up enough for Monday & Thursday and for snacks in between.  It is very filling and very nutritious..  Same thing for the "sausage and egg casserole".
     The majority of the things I make is homemade and made from scratch so it is very economical.  My meals usually cost under $1.00 a person to make.  The only really expensive meal is our Sunday supper but I like to treat my family at least one day a week.  The biscuits, our bread, tortillas, even the pizza dough I make.  Same for sauces--all homemade.
    By having the same menu, I know exactly how much of each staple and food item I will need for a month.  I also know the approximate cost.  That way if I find something on sale, that allows me a little extra "cash" to play with.  Or in other words, I might buy some potato chips or ice cream as a treat for the family.  Or a soda pop.  No, we do not usually drink "pop" in our home.  Our kids drink kool-aid, milk or water.  Even our teenager.  No complaints.  :-)
     Well, I explained why we do not need to buy bread during the month.  Because I make my own bread.  But even when we did not make our own bread, we just bought enough for a month and froze the rest.  Same for milk.  I buy powdered milk and we use it in all recipes and cooking.  The 2% milk we buy we use for drinking.  We buy enough for the month and freeze it and pull it out when I need it.
   I find that only going to the store once a month, I save money by not impulse buying everytime I go to the store, etc.  So, how often do you shop?


  1. you can really learn a lot from someone elses perspective if you take the time to listen to them. thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment and you are absolutely right!

  2. Thanks for linking up at The Becoming Kitchen! Great posts!!!

    1. Lydia, thank you for hosting such a great blog hop!

  3. Hi, I would like recipes for the pumpkin in a bowl and the mexican pie.

    1. Tamiko,
      I just posted the Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl earlier today. You can find it on October posts or under "recipes". I will post the Mexican Pie later this week.
      Thank you,

  4. I just wanted to add a comment here to mention thanks for you very nice ideas. Blogs are troublesome to run and time consuming thus I appreciate when I see well written material. written material.Your time isn't going to waste with your posts. Thanks so much and stick with it No doubt you will definitely reach your goals! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and for your support. I really appreciate it very much.


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