Thursday, May 24, 2012

Animals can bring Joy

    My 14 year old son's dog died this morning.  Brandon/Bubba is heartbroken.  With Pogo dying just reminds me of how many pets we have lost over the years that we really loved.  Here are a few that we have loved and lost:

chihuahua, deer head chihuahua, tiny chihuahua, Duke, Grand duke of Tulsa
Dukey (The Grand Duke of Tulsa)

Pomeranian, red pomeranian, beloved pets
Tina (another dog of Brandon's).  

Teacup yorkie, tiny yorkie, black and gold yorkie
Angel, my yorkie

Stumpy, male yorkie,
Stumpy (Angel's mate) They died within weeks of each other.

  Please pray for my son.  He is so sad right now and thank you for allowing me to share with you all.

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