Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New coop and outside adventure

This is the Plymouth Rock chick eyeing everything.
Plymouth Rock, baby chicks, chicken, backyard chickens

baby chicks, backyard chickens, Plymouth Rock, Cinnamon Queen
They are checking out the pen and the bigger chickens. They adapted well and seem happy out there. They are enjoying the fresh bugs to eat!
new chicks, backyard chickens, chicken farm, frugal living
coop building, DIY, how to build a chicken coop, coop design, frugal living
Here is my hubby doing some measurements for the door.

frugal living, coop building, DIY, jigsaw
Hubby is supervising our oldest son working the jigsaw. He is cutting vents.

chicken design, chicken coop design, chicken pen, frugal living
The new pen before the coop is attached. If you look closely, you can see our older chickens, our layers in the pen on the backside.

frugal living, chicken coop, coop building
Deep in concentration on his work!

As you can tell by the pictures, my husband and our 14 year old son built a new pen and coop for the young chicks who were ready to be moved out. We built the 2nd pen/coop for two reasons. First because we want to keep the chicks isolated from our chickens so they can get to know each other and not injure the little ones and secondly, we will want a coop for our layers and one for the broilers. To see these guys when they were a little younger and still living in our home, click here Our new chicks.
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