Monday, April 23, 2012

Field Trip to an Airport

   As homeschoolers, we try to do some really fun field trips when we can.  For example, for National Aviation Day, which is August 19th, we went on tour of a nearby airport.  National Aviation Day is also Orville Wright's birthday, who was born 8/19/1871.  Of course, we all know that Orville and his brother Wilbur were responsible for inventing the first successful airplane.
      Anyway, to celebrate the day, we went on a tour of the airport in Poteau, OK.  It is a small airport but that is the beauty of it.  The man pretty much let us have a run of the whole place.  We got to go on the runway, see the airplanes up and personal and check out the hangars.  It was a real treat.

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This is a single seat "kit" plane.  From left to right, my son Brandon,  our friend Conner, and my son Ronny.  

plane, airplane, field trip, homeschool, homeschooling, field day
This plane was made in 1979.  It can fly for about 4 hours before it needs to refuel.  It cruises at about 150 m.p.h.

       One the drive back home over the mountain, my husband quizzed the children on what they had learned.  They went over the purpose of the wings and how they work; control services on how planes turn and go up and down; and learned about how they can tell how fast a plane goes by using a "pito" tube.
        What kinds of field trips do you make with your homeschool or family?  We would love to hear!

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  1. I'm hoping to do something like this in the spring. :)

    1. Annette, I hope you get a chance to do it. It was a really memorable day for our family.


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