Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uses for Toothpaste!

frugal living, uses for toothpaste, hole in wall, bug bite remedy, pimple solution

Times are hard and money is tight so I thought that today I would tell you about a household product that you probably have in your home now that you can use in other ways. Toothpaste!

    1. Holes in your walls:If you have white walls with holes in them, use white toothpaste to fill in the holes.
    2. Bug bites: Mint flavored toothpaste is great to use on itchy bug bites. Just dab a bit on and experience some relief.
    3. Dingy headlights: If your headlights are dingy, rub white toothpaste over the lens and buff off.
    4. Blisters: If you have a blister, apply a bit of white toothpaste overnight and the blister should dry up.
    5. Crayon marks on your walls: Dampen a cloth, apply some white toothpaste and scrub the area.
    6. Scuff marks on your sneakers: Use an old toothbrush and some toothpaste and you can brush off the scuff marks with relative ease.
    7. Smelly hands: If your hands smell from onions or fish or some other stinky thing, just scrub your hands with toothpaste and it will remove the smells. I would recommend using lotion afterwards though to rehydrate and soften your hands.
    8. Scratched DVDs or CDs: Put a thin layer of white toothpaste on your scratched disks. Gently buff them out with a damp cotton cloth and they should work better. This will work with most minor scratches but not for deep scratches.
    9. Dirty or dull fingernails: Just scrub them as you would your teeth and they will appear brighter and shinier.
    10. Pimples: If you see a pimple coming up, rub some white toothpaste over it before you go to bed and it will help.
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  1. Love these ideas! I'm gonna try it on the crayon marks once my kiddos get up.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!

    1. Anna, thank you for allowing me to link up with you. Glad you found my ideas helpful!

  2. I found your blog post via a link on Feminine Adventures on Facebook. These are some great ideas and I'm going to try out a couple of them, right now :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

    1. Heather, hugs back from Oklahoma! I really appreciate you stopping by and hope you find more posts that are helpful!

  3. Thank you I love your blog please blog more. I bought the turtle wax headlight cleaner & it did not work. I refused to buy the really pricey stuff. This is great! Redd


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