Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our sugar gliders

     Our sugar glider pair our proud new parents.   They have 2 new babies and they have just left the pouch.  We cannot take pictures of them yet but in the next couple of weeks we should be posting pictures.  Let me just say, they are adorable and so TINY.  My thumb is bigger than their entire body.

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This is Sable, the momma.

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This is the male Scrat running around on my arm.

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One of our sugar gliders on one of our a violin cases. 

baby sugar glider, sugar glider, sugar gliders, exotic pet, exotic pets
Here is Sable again. 
   Our sugar gliders are sooo cute and sweet.  Their fur is so unbelievably soft too.  And if you have never heard a sugar glider, the sound will give you chills the first time you hear it.   The first month we had them, every time they made the sound, it scared the bejeebers out of me.  They rarely make the "scary" noise anymore but they do "bark" a lot.  The funnest thing is to watch them "fly".  They resemble flying squirrels in flight and can glide clear across the room.

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  1. This must’ve been an exciting day for you. It seems like it was just yesterday when you first got your gliders, and now, they have their babies. It shows how well you've taken care of them, as they're able to grow and thrive in your home. And for sure, the two babies will grow as good as their parents are. How are the gliders, btw?

    Sherri Briggs @ Pet Glider


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