Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our new chicks

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This is one we call "Top Notch" for now because of his "hair" on his head. I say "he" because he acts like a rooster to us. We'll know for sure before too long. We believe he is a Buff Laced Polish or a White Polish. Do you agree?

polish chicken, cinnamon queen, rhode island red, plymouth rock, silver cubalaya, cubalaya chicken, buff orpingtonThis was taken about 2 1/2 weeks after we brought them home from a farm & country store. Guess they have already outgrown this enclosure. Love how they are all nesting on the top of the rim. :-) First chick we suspect to be a Polish, next a Cinnamon Queen, the next 2 we think are Rhode Island Reds, a Plymouth Rock and on the far right end we think she is a Silver Cubalaya or a Buff Oprington. Agree or not?

new chicks, care of baby chicks, care of baby chickens, Here they are after we had them a 2 weeks. We got 8 total. We moved them to their outside "teenager" enclosure when we had them for 4 weeks. They are doing great out there.

backyard chickens, new chicks, frugal living
We purchased 6 more chicks on April 6th. (Pics to come later). The new ones are all crested. A few looks to have beards so we are excited to see what kind they all turn out to be.
Do you want to see these babies on their first day in the chicken coop? Click here to view it: First day outside

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