Friday, April 20, 2012

Chickens: Our starting flock

This is one of the Plymouth Rocks we got.

Plymouth Rock, chicken, backyard chickens
Cinnamon Queen, sex link chicken, backyard chickens, chickenThis is our Cinnamon Queen. Isn't she beautiful?

We began our chicken adventure back on August 7, 2011 with the purchase of our first flock of chickens. I am so glad we did too. These five layers have provided us with a lot of joy and a LOT of eggs. We consistently get 3-5 eggs a day, everyday, from these 5 ladies. That is more than the average for the breeds but they are really happy here and love us like we love them.
We have one Plymouth Rock, a Cuckoo Maran, a Golden Lace Wyandotte, a Cinnamon Queen and a Blue Silkie. I need to get more recent pictures of our girls because they are so beautiful now. The Blue Silkie is simply gorgeous and takes your breath away.
We are heavy eaters in our family and since we have had these five girls, I have yet to buy eggs from the store. We eat a sausage and egg casserole several days a week and I do a lot of baking but these girls keep up our demand.
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  1. I love our chickens, and our Plymouth Rocks are some of the sweetest! We currently have over 30 layers, and the 12 of us manage to eat every egg they produce. I have to admit, I've been forced to pickle some when they threaten to get ahead of us, but we love them that way too - just don't love the 3-4 week wait before we can eat them!

    1. We keep up with the eating of them for now but with all the new additions, we are going to have to come up with a use for them. Currently, we share some with my mother-in-law. We'll probably add to the list as the newer ones age and start laying. I have never tried pickled eggs. I may give it a shot. They sound good.

  2. You are so lucky to have fresh eggs. This city boy is envious!

    1. Thank you. We do indeed feel blessed and you are so right. Nothing tastes better than farm fresh eggs. Store bought does not even compare. :-)

  3. We love our "girls" as we call them. We started small, with 6 and we've not got 40. 14 meat birds are our newest addition. The rest are layers. Eggs are never in short supply around here!

    1. They are great, aren't they? We have just 16 now but plan on adding to them soon. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you'll do so again soon.


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