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Dehydrating & Canning

   Here is where you can find all my posts over dehydration and canning.

Stocks, Broths, & Soups

Making & Canning Homemade Turkey Stock


Dehydrated radishes (and how to use them) 

Dehydrating purple cabbage

Dehydrating Mushrooms  

Dehydrating Jicama

Dehydrating Rutabagas

Making your own sun dried tomatoes

Dehydrating broccoli 

Dehydrating cauliflower

Dehydrating yellow squash 

Making Butternut Squash Chips

Dehydrating okra

Dehydrating Acorn Squash

Dehydrating Zucchini

Salt & Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Dehydrating leeks

Dehydrating carrots

Dehydrating celery

Dehydrating Hash brown potatoes

Dehydrating bell peppers and seed saving

Dehydrating Jalapeno peppers

Preserving the harvest: Onions 

Dehydrating:  Making carrot coins 

Dehydrating potatoes for long term storage

Dehydrating Sweet Mini Peppers

Dehydrating Parsnips 

Dehydrating cucumbers: Making spicy cuke chips 

Dehydrating turnips

Dehydrating fresh peas

Dehydrating banana peppers


Dehydrating pineapples

Dehydrating strawberries

Dehydrating blackberries

Dehydrating apples with cinnamon

Dehydrating plantains

Dehydrating kiwis

Dehydrating Limes 

Dehydrating lemons

Dehydrating Watermelon 

Dehydrating Cantaloupe

Canning Apple Pie Filling 

Canning Nectarines

Jams & Jellies

Coffee Jelly 

Crab Apple Jelly

Corn Cob Jelly


Making Mushroom powder 

Spinach Powder

Dehydrating Lettuce 

Sassafras Powder or Gumbo File' 

Making Tomato Powder


Dehydrating Easter Peeps 

Dehydrating ginger

Dehydrating banana peels

Extra Hot Salsa

Canning Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Sweet Pickle Relish


Making your own powdered eggs

Regrowing green onions

Chicken & Rice Soup mix in a Jar


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