Saturday, October 31, 2020

The 10 Best Cake Recipes

    No matter if you have a birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday coming up, a great homemade cake makes it feel even more special.  In fact, any time is a good time for a piece of cake.  These are 10 of my best cake recipes that I have shared thus far.  Be sure to try one (or all) of them and let me know which is your favorite!

 1.  Death by Chocolate Cake.  We call it by this name because there are so many layers of delicious chocalateliness.  

2.  Cinnamon Roll Cake.  It is super moist and takes about 10 minutes to mix it up and less than 30 minutes to bake.  A treat well worth the effort. 


3.  Wacky Cake.  This cake is called a Wacky Cake because it requires no eggs, no milk or no butter but yet it turns out super moist!  Try it for yourself to see!


4.  Pumpkin Sheet Cake.  This cake is right up my husband's alley.  If you could smell this cake right now, y'all would be begging for a slice!  Oh, by the way, did I mention that it takes less than one hour, start-to-finish, to make?!  It's true!


 5.  Pound Cake. This pound cake truly is the best pound cake you will ever taste.  


6.  Classic Texas Sheet CakeThe Classic Texas Sheet Cake is a family favorite and most have heard of it, ate it and loved it.  Everyone I know makes theirs slightly different from one another but this is the recipe that I have used for over 20 years.  Why change a good thing?!

7.  Homemade Spice Cake MixThere is something so warm and inviting about a spice cake.  They smell so good and taste even better.  I am providing you a recipe that will make you a "mix" So anytime you want to enjoy a spice cake, you only need to add the wet ingredients and you will be ready to go!  


8.  Cherry Dump CakeThe cake turns out so pretty due to the bright red of the cherries and it is such a super moist and delicious cake.  My secret added ingredient that makes my Cherry Dump Cake so much better than others out there is almond extract.  Almond flavoring and cherries pair together perfectly.



9.  White Sheet CakeYou might think a white sheet cake sounds boring compared to other flavors but you would be WRONG!  This cake is super moist and rich.  This cake would be perfect for brunch, a potluck or just for dessert at home!


10.  Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake.   I whipped up this pumpkin dump cake and it is just as good as the others.  In fact, out of the ones I make, this one is my husband's favorite.


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