Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fanny Foozle Review & Giveaway

   Up until just recently, I had never heard of "Fanny Foozle" but after introducing my young son and grandchildren to Fanny, we are fans for life! Fanny Foozle is a pink animated character that is fun for the preschool aged child.  She has the sweetest little voice and her song is addicting and quite catchy.  You'll catch yourself bobbing your head along with it and the kids just get up and dance and twirl around as she sings.    Here is the link to the "Fanny Foozle Theme Song".  Fanny also has another song "Fantuckle Failure" that is just as lively and fun.

   Once your preschool aged children or grandchildren hear the song, I know they will want more.  We next went and downloaded the fun & FREE app of Fanny Foozle called "Fanny Foozle Story Chimes" for ipad or iphone.  Or if you want it for Kindle here it is:  Kindle version Fanny Foozle Story Chimes.  I encourage you to click on the app name and download it right now.

Fanny Foozle, preschool app, great app for preschoolers,

   We have only had the e-book app a few days but I guarantee you we have gone over it a dozen times or more.  The 3 kids are dancing around the house singing the song and having the story read to them over and over again.  You can have the story be animated with voices and my 4 year old grandson is already beginning to read along with Fanny.  And it is more than just a simple story book.  It really engages the children and they have fun while learning.  They especially like the tongue-twisters and the memory match game.     As a parent, I like that it provides a positive learning environment for my kids and does it in a way that engages them and lets them learn as they have fun.  

   There is also a Fanny Foozle Pop game that is for the ipad or iphone and it is a fun game that you "pop" the character balloons and see how high of a score you can get.  I made the mistake of introducing my kids to Fanny Foozle by just letting them hear the theme song.  They wanted more.  Save yourself time and kids frustration by downloading all the different Fanny Foozle things I have listed.  Your kids will love you for it. 
    A lot of characters you find exist only in a digital world but thankfully, Fanny Foozle is available also in paperback form.  I am all for digital but I love having a real book that I can sit and read with the children.  
  Fanny Foozle, preschool app, great app for preschoolers,

   "Fanny Foozle:  The Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival" Volume 1 meets that need.  This book is colorful and is just the right length to keep the kids entertained without boring them.  Just like the apps, it is educational (teaches team work and manners).  It would make a wonderful addition to your home library and will be a child favorite too. 
   Again, I encourage you to download the apps, buy the book and fall in love with Fanny Foozle.  Keep an eye out on future Fanny Foozle projects by following on Facebook:  Fanny Foozle; following Fanny Foozle on Twitter and following the Fanny Foozle youtube account
    GIVEAWAY:  Leave a comment stating who you would like to win the paperback book for and you are entered.  Will draw a winner from people leaving comments on Monday the 27th.


  1. My son would love this! Would love to win it for him

  2. Looks like something my Grandboy and I would enjoy reading together.


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