Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cozyna Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Cozyna Coffee grinder, manual coffee grinders

     This Cozyna manual burr coffee grinder was easy to put together and a joy to use.  I haven't had freshly ground coffee in about 10 years and had forgotten how remarkable it really was.  It is a HUGE difference than the stuff you get out of a can (no matter the brand).

     The aroma was amazing and the taste was fantastic.  The manual grinder was easy enough to crank, even for me.  I suffer from MS (multiple sclerosis) and I don't have that much strength left in my hands but I was able to grind the coffee with little effort.  My husband also had no problem with taking it apart and cleaning the grinder.

    The grinder is adjustable so you can decide if you want it ground extra fine or left coarse.  If you are in the market for a nice coffee grinder, this is one for you to consider.

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