Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kids Summer Bucket List Ideas with Free Downloadable

   I think it is important for kids to be kids and do enjoyable things.  Kids today grow up too fast and rely heavily on electronics for their enjoyment.  I have come up with a Summer Bucket List with the kinds of things I enjoyed doing as a child and made lots of good memories in the process.

2014 Kids Summer Bucket List Ideas

Click here: (2014 Kids Summer Bucket List Ideas) to download the file and print it off for your own use. 

Check out one of our recent camping trips!

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  1. This is great!! Thanks!

  2. This is a short and sweet list of suggestions. I take many of these things for granted that I do with my kids. I guess not that many kids get to do these things.

    1. Crystal, when I went to make this list, I looked at others online and they consisted of visiting zoos, going to the movies, and lots of items that cost money. I wanted a list of things like my kids enjoyed and like I did as a kid. When we live lives simply, it is just normal life for us (and you).

  3. What a fun list! We have several of the same items on our summer to-do list - Enjoy them all and have fun checking each one off!
    (stopping by from Heart for Home Blog Hop)

  4. I will share this with my sister who has 5 kids. She will use it I'm sure.


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