Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our 1st Fertilized Eggs

    We are so excited.  Remember back in March, we purchased some baby chicks.  Well, they grew up and one of them was a rooster.  :-)  Today, we had an egg in the nest.  This afternoon there was another one.  One of the Rhode Island Red's is a laying!  I can't wait for the baby chicks.
     We have had chickens for quite some time now.  We bought our starter flock from a family in Arkansas. In fact, today, August 7th, we have had these girls for exactly a year now.  They were all 18 months to 2 years old and were all layers.  They have given us some wonderful eggs this past year.  Actually for the past 2 weeks we have barely gotten an egg and found out why2 nights ago.  A 4 foot long poisonous, black and red snake was in the coop eating an egg.  It is now dead and we are getting eggs again.
      The daddy is a White Polish Crested Rooster and the momma is a Rhode Island Red.  We also have a Plymouth Rock female, another Rhode Island Red, and a Rhode Island White in with this rooster.  I am excited to see they babies to see their coloring.
     I will take some pictures soon and post them of how chickens.  Our blue silkie is soooo gorgeous and "Top Notch" the rooster is beautiful.  The cool thing about him is he has bright purple on his wattle.  Very cool.
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  1. I'm still trying to convince hubby that we need chickens! I know nothing about them, but use so many eggs and love fresh eggs so much better than store bought. I'd love to have a flock, but I guess I need some place to put them first!

    1. Kim, I think buying chickens was one of the BEST things we did. I love having the fresh eggs to eat and before too long we will have built up our flock to have fresh chicken meat and an income from selling some chicks.

  2. Yay!
    I can feel the excitment, when I was young our family raised some chickens at a time. Congratulations and thanks for following me. I was already following you on GFC, but followed you now on NetworkedBlogs, twitter and pinterest.
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate your support!

  3. I also liked your faceBook page.

  4. I want to live where you do! Fresh eggs, yummy! Thanks for following my blogs.

    Nicole Weaver
    Award-winning Children's Author

  5. Hello! I liked your story about your baby chicks and I can't wait until you take pictures of them. Thanks for following my blog.


  6. How exciting! Can't wait to see the pics. Following you now on Pinterest, Facebook, GFC and Networked blogs. Hope you can follow back as well.

    Julie's Stlavonlady (FB)
    Stlavonlady - blogger
    Julie Sutton on Pinterest

    Thanks and have a good night!!

    1. Julie, I have followed you back. So pleased that you decided to stop by.

  7. I love your story of the simple life! Exciting news about your baby chicks. Thanks for following my blog. Following you back. :)

  8. Exciting! One of my girlfriends has chickens and she keeps me stocked with eggs. The eggs are so much better than from the store. She even has a few chickens from Chile that lay green eggs (real ones!) It's awesome!

    Following you back, thank you for stopping by!


    1. I agree that fresh is BEST! It is really nice of your friend to share with you!


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