Friday, August 17, 2012

Vegas Baby!

       At the beginning of the year, with my MS just beginning to rear up its ugly head again, my very sweet hubby and I started talking about the future.  I knew that before too long, there would be a very real possibility that our life would be changing a lot due to my health and MS.  It was decided that the boys and I would take a trip to remember.  I wanted the boys to be able to look back and remember Momma before she was in a wheelchair, etc.  A trip that they could hold onto for a life time.  So, while my hubby stayed home and watched the farm and animals, the boys and I rented a car and headed to Vegas.
     We left from Ft. Smith, AR on February 4, 2012 and headed off.  We stopped to spend the night in Alburquerque, NM on the way there and arrived in Las Vegas on February 5th.  We stayed at Circus Circus.
Las Vegas sights, things to do in Vegas, Family trip to Vegas
The boys were captivated by all the sites!

     I am sure I looked like this most of the time.  There is sooo much to see in Vegas.  It is just mind blowing.  Something cool, amazing, or shocking no matter where you look.  I think the boys and I said "Vegas Baby" a half million times over the course of a week.  :-)

Ceiling in Planet Hollywood hotel
This is the CEILING inside Planet Hollywood Hotel. 

Ceiling in Planet Hollywood hotel
This was also inside Planet Hollywood hotel in the area of the theater where the Pet Show was.  
   We went to Planet Hollywood hotel to see Popovich's Animal Show.  The walk through the hotel was amazing.  We couldn't help but walk and stare at the ceiling.  It was too cool looking.  It looked so real and the tops of the buildings were all cool shaped.  People could definitely tell we were tourists.  And then we see this....

Planet Hollywood hotel, Vegas stripper bar
Right next to the theater.  A stripper bar.  Nice, not!
   This is RIGHT next to the theater we are going to.  Not only that but there is a half dressed "woman" standing out front offering to take pictures with people.  She asked my 14 year old if he wanted to take a picture with her and he almost died of embarrassment.  Then while we were in line for the show, a "woman" from the stripper bar came and passed out half priced drink coupons.  She told me the boys were welcome to come inside there too because they serve virgin drinks too.  Needless to say, we did not go but I gave the coupons away when I got back home.

Artist drawing, free hand drawing, Vegas attraction
This lady FREE HANDS the coolest signs.  This is one she is making for my hubby.
   Inside of Circus Circus, this lady was set up to draw names by free hand.  Man, was she good.  The above picture she is drawing my hubbies name.  The picture below is the finished product.  

Free Hand painting
   I watched this lady do this from start to finish and it took her less than 5 minutes.  I couldn't do that well in 5 days.  It was amazing and only cost $6.  Amazing, huh?   
   I will show pictures tomorrow from our 2nd day there.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and our story.

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