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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dehydrating Banana Peppers

Banana Peppers

       Banana peppers are generally yellow and have a mild, tangy taste.  They are great in salads, salsas, soups, stews, or in stir-fries.  Banana peppers are low in calories and have very little fat in them.  They have a good deal of fiber in them along with Vitamin A, Potassium and Vitamin C.   In fact, a 4” long banana pepper has 45% of the RDA of Vitamin C. 

           We grow banana peppers in our garden every year but generally have a bumper crop and we get more than we can eat or give away.  So they don’t go to waste, we dehydrate as much as we can.  It’s a good way to preserve them and have them available for our own use throughout the year. 

       To dehydrate your banana peppers, first wash them thoroughly under cool water to remove any dirt that might be attached to the skin.  Then, cut of the ends.  You may then slice the peppers lengthwise and then cut the pepper into long slices.  Or you can slice the banana peppers into ¼” rings.  Either way you slice them, just be sure to remove all the seeds. 

          Place them onto your dehydrator trays.

Banana peppers, how to dehydrate banana peppers, how to use dried peppers,

  Allow them to dehydrate for about 10 hours.  They are done when they are bendable, dry to the touch but not brittle.  Once they are dry, they can be stored in a mason jar in your pantry for a long time.  If you put in an oxygen absorber in the jar, they can last for several years this way.  

Banana peppers, how to dehydrate banana peppers, how to use dried peppers,

         To rehydrate, pour very hot water over them and let them soak for about a half hour.  If you plan on using the peppers in a soup or stew that will simmer for awhile, you can add the dried peppers into the dish and allow them to rehydrate as the stew or soup cooks. 

I also dehydrate Sweet Mini Peppers & Jalepeno Peppers.
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