Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dehydrating Jicama


          Jicama is a plant that’s indigenous to Mexico.  It’s a vining plant but only the root is edible.  It looks like a really large, light brown turnip. 

Dehydrating Jicama, what is Jicama, how to use dried jicama, making Jicama chips, Hickama

 Inside of the root, it has a creamy white interior with a real crisp texture, almost like a raw potato.  People eat Jicama both cooked and raw.  Either way is all right and tasty.  It has a light sweet taste.  

Dehydrating Jicama, what is Jicama, how to use dried jicama, making Jicama chips, Hickama

          Nutritionally, Jicama is one of the finest sources of fiber.  It is also rich in Vitamin C.  It is extremely low in sodium and hardly any fat.  One small Jicama has about 4mg of iron which is over 20% of the RDA.  It also has about 980mg of Potassium.

            The smaller the root, the sweeter it tastes.  If you want a starchier taste instead of a sweet taste, choose a larger one.  If it is too large, it tends to taste a bit woody but still fine to eat. 

        Once you have the Jicama you want, you need to scrub the root well.  I use a vegetable scrubber and cold water to get all the dirt off of it.  Once it is clean, then use a paring knife or a peeler and peel off the skin.   Now, it’s time to slice it up.  You can cut it into chunks, wedges, or even small disc shaped slices.  It really depends on your own preference or for whatever recipe you will be using it in. 

        When I dehydrate Jicama, I prefer to cut them into the disc shapes so I can make Jicama chips or I shred it.  If I am making the chips, I cut them and then sprinkle them with a bit of chili powder and a bit of salt.  Or another great flavor is a bit of paprika and sea salt. 

Dehydrating Jicama, what is Jicama, how to use dried jicama, making Jicama chips, Hickama

 Either way, these chips, when done, might even replace your craving for regular potato chips.  One added bonus, these have no fat!  Anyway, once they are seasoned, place them on the dehydrator for about 14-16 hours.  They should be nice and crunchy when done.  

Dehydrating Jicama, Hickama, how to use dried jicama, making Jicama chips, what is Jicama
Dehydrated Jicama
        If I plan on using the Jicama in a soup, a stew, or having mashed or boiled Jicama, then I just shred the Jicama and then dehydrate it.  It takes about 12 hours to dehydrate in this form.   Boiled Jicama is a great alternative to mashed potatoes.  
     Store the dehydrated Jicama in a sealed mason jar.  It can be stored this way for up to a year or if you put in an oxygen absorber, it can last about 7 years.  

We also like to snack on Butternut Squash Chips.

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