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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Baby Goat...

   Today at noon, Contessa gave birth to a female and we named her "Carrie Ann".  Contessa was our 2nd goat we got on our homestead.  We got her when she was just 3 weeks old and had rescued her for a large nearby dairy barn.  One of their turkeys had pecked out her eye and with them having so many goats to care for, they couldn't care for her.  We took her (nearly 2 years ago) and have raised her and loved her ever since.  She is half Saanen and half nubian.  Her mate is Casper and he was our first goat here. We purchased him from that same dairy goat farm about 2 weeks prior to taking in Contessa when he was just 3 weeks old too.  Loved bottle feeding the two of them.  Casper is a full blooded Saanen.  Anyway, we bred the two of them together and today baby Carrie Ann was born and we are thrilled.

baby goats, Saanen goats, farm life,
Casper as a baby.
baby goats, Saanen goats, farm life,
Casper & Contessa eating their lunch as babies.

baby goats, Saanen goats, farm life,
Contessa as a baby...notice her injured eye.

A photo posted by Melody Gravitt (@countrifiedhicks) on
  Casper now...

Contessa, 6 months ago.

    Now that you've become reacquainted with Contessa & Casper, meet Carrie Ann.

baby goats, Saanen goats, farm life,

baby goats, Saanen goats, farm life,

baby goats, Saanen goats, farm life,

Hope you enjoyed this and I'll share pics as she grows.  This was Contessa's first birthing and she did great and didn't require any assistance.  So proud!  :-)

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  1. She is beautiful! I would love to have goats again.

    1. Thank you Carol. You can always live vicariously through us...we don't mind. :-)


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