Sunday, January 4, 2015

Repurposing Old Socks & Clothes

    I believe strongly about recycling, reusing and repurposing.  Before I throw out anything, I check it out thoroughly to see if any part of the item can be used again.  For example, whenever we throw out any shoes we remove and save the shoelaces.  If we cut up shorts or underpants (or anything with strong elastic in them), we cut out the elastic and save it.  A button up shirt is too stained to wear, we cut off the buttons and pockets and save them.

Repurpose ideas, how to reuse and recycle household items, sneeze rags, personal cloths saving money, living frugally
Elastic bands from shorts and underpants.

      In regards to paper towels, we don't use them nor do we buy and use tissues.  We cut up old t-shirts, shorts, and holey towels and make "sneeze rags", "personal cloths" and hand towels.with them.  It is no grosser than using cloth diapers on your babies (which I did also).   It just makes sense for us to do this.

Repurpose ideas, how to reuse and recycle household items, sneeze rags, personal cloths saving money, living frugally
These are some of the sneeze rags and personal cloths we have made from old t-shirts.

   When a pair of socks becomes too holey to wear, we cut them up and make hand warmers/fingerless gloves  with them.
Repurpose ideas, how to reuse and recycle household items, sneeze rags, personal cloths saving money, living frugally
Hand warmers/fingerless gloves made from old worn out socks. 

     I am an ultra organized person.  Everything is labeled and has its place on my shelves.  I have 11 six foot tall shelves wrapped about my living room and things are in easy reach.  Nothing is thrown in an obscure place never to be seen again.  If we need a button, my family knows they can find one in the cookie tin on the shelf.  My hubby is out on the homestead and is working on something that requires some heavy elastic, we don't run to town...I have it on a shelf.   Too many people live in a way that if they need something, even if they only slightly need it, they just jump up and run to the store and buy it without ever stopping to think if they have something lying around that could be used instead.
    There is no reason to buy things you don't need.  There is no reason to throw away something you can repurpose. Be smart.  Live smart.  Save money and use it towards making yourself more self sufficient.

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  1. I like your blog a lot! We do this with socks also, but for a different purpose. My son has very dry hands in the winter (a trait he unfortunately inherited from me) and the top of his hands start getting scaly and flaky. At nighttime before he goes to bed he washes his hands and then we apply some lotion to the top f each of his hands. We then take a pair of clean socks and cut them exactly as you have shown above and he sleeps with them on. We do this each night until his hands are no longer dry. My grandmother used to do this for me when I was little- it works like a charm! :)

  2. I'd love to see your organization method, I try to keep things together but I haven't found a good method that I can stick to

  3. I agree! I do all the same stuff! (Except my hubby insists we buy paper TP, lol) It's hard to get folks to understand that I'm not just a hoarder...I really do use all this stuff! Love your blog! Frugal on! ;)

  4. I've started cutting up old t-shirts to make rags. I want to start making some playthings out of them for my daughter as well. It's amazing how much we throw out that is still fully useable. Stopping by from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

  5. I just found your blog, and am enjoying reading it..
    I so totally agree.. I save anything,that I might can repurpose or use again. thank you for sharing.

  6. Such a great idea, anything that can be saved from the dump should be in my opinion! Thank you for sharing with Frugal Family - don't forget to link up another post next Thursday! xx

  7. I love these ideas, we try to upcycle where we can too - I'm hoping to get into quilting this year! Thanks for joining in with #frugalfamilylinky


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