Thursday, January 8, 2015

7 Best Tips & Remedies for Flu Season

The CDC have declared the FLU this year as a US EPIDEMIC. 15 children died last week and a perfectly healthy teen died a week after getting the flu. How scary. It is really early into the flu season so be careful out there people. The flu shot may not be enough because the particular strain that is killing people is not covered by it because it is a mutated strain.
Here are 7 tips to remember during the flu season. Tips to help keep you well and how to distinguish between a cold and the flu.    Click the link and keep your family safe.
7 Best Tips & Remedies for Flu Season

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  1. My grandma got this flu from my sister and her family and she ended up with double pneumonia. She is still trying to recover. We do have to take precautions!

  2. This is day 3 of the flu for me. I had no idea it could be this bad! I'm an adult so I can't imagine what it makes a poor child feel like. I'm going to check out the remedies then send my boyfriend to the grocery store. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Leslie, you are welcome and I really hope you feel better soon.


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