Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ronny's 10th Birthday

   As many of you know, (those of you who follow us on Facebook), I asked for people to send birthday cards if they would to help surprise Ronny for his 10th birthday.  Ronny is autistic and I wanted to do something special for him.  The response was overwhelming.  He received over 60 cards, along with gifts.  I kept them hidden from him until the surprise party we threw for him.  He walked in the door and this was his initial reaction to seeing all the cards and packages.

autism, Ronny's 10th birthday

   Ronny got cards from all over the U.S. (Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, Nebraska, New York, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington,West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Wisconsin, Maine, Alabama, and Vermont, )along with cards and gifts from Australia, Tasmania, England,  and Canada.

autism, Ronny's 10th birthday

autism, Ronny's 10th birthday

     He got musical cards (Superman theme, Happy Birthday, a dancing Sponge-bob, and Chicken dance card), cards that move (cows kicking and pirates baring their "booties"), regular cards, hand made cards;  cards signed by entire families, little kids and farm animals.  Kids drew him pictures and he loved looking at them all.  People sent gifts and he even got some money. One family sent a $10 bill; another family sent him $1 and another $2.  Very kind of you all and very generous.  In many of the envelopes were also stickers (Spongebob, Transformers, Angry Birds, & Pokemon), as well as some "tattoos" too.  One family even sent some flavored honey sticks from their farm.  He tried the root beer flavored honey stick and kept going "mmm"  "mmm".  :-) And finally, he also got some glow in the dark dinosaurs.

     From Tasmania, he got a big envelope full of maps, brochures, a weather gauge, postcards, and all sorts of really interesting things.  We have spent at least an hour reading through it all and found it fascinating.  He got a stuffed koala bear from Australia that he loves.  He has always carried around a stuffed "Pikachu" toy. He takes it everywhere and tonight he has Pikachu in one hand and the koala bear in the other.  It is adorable.

    One man made Ronny a wall plaque of an Eagle.  It is beautiful and will be hung proudly in our home.

autism, Ronny's 10th birthday

    Another lady sent Ronny several little gifts and he was over the "moon" for them.

autism, Ronny's 10th birthday
 She sent him a "minion" plastic toy that makes noise, a couple of notebooks, and some pencils.  Everyone was so tickled at Ronny when he opened the small package of #2 pencils.  He was super excited.  They thought it was funny that he was THAT happy over pencils but that is just how Ronny is.  He loves to draw.

  If we failed to mention something, I am so sorry.  Let me know and I will give credit.  It was definitely unintentional.  Our hearts are overflowing with love for you all!

   And here is the ice cream cake I made for the party.  It was a big hit.  My mother-in-law said she wants me to make her one just like it for her birthday.  :-)
autism, Ronny's 10th birthday
The homemade ice cream cake I made for Ronny.

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  1. So happy fro Ronnie and your family. Good to know the world out there is full of kinness and care for others. You made my day.

    1. Lynda, it really touched our hearts by how many people reached out with love to Ronny.

  2. BEST post I have read all day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ronny! The party was great and his 10th birthday will always be remembered fondly. Patricia


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