Monday, July 14, 2014

Liquid Fence Review

   I was recently asked to review a product to help keep critters out of my gardens.  I love raising our own food but hate when deer, rabbits and other varmints get into the garden and try to eat everything before we get to.  This is where Liquid Fence comes in.
Liquid Fence Deer & rabbit repellent, all natural pest repellent for garden
   Liquid Fence is a natural alternative as a perimeter barrier for your ornamental trees and gardens.   I put this around the perimeter of my gardens and apple trees and have noticed that we have had no more problems with the rabbits in the garden.  We also have a pair of donkeys on our property that like to eat my cherry bushes, plum trees and grape vines but since I have put this up, it has even kept the donkeys at bay.  Yahoo!
   As I stated previously, the best part about Liquid Fence to me is that it is biodegradable and all natural.  That is important to me. It is made with garlic and eggs so I can use it without worrying about it harming my crops or my animals.  I recommend this product highly.

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