Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dehydrating Carrots: Carrot Coins

    I love to dehydrate food.  It saves space and preserves your food for a LONG time and uses very little energy to do.  I used to can about everything but it took a lot of time, effort and energy and the jars take up a lot of space.  I have learned that dehydrating preserves the food just as well and takes up a lot less space.  For instance, to can 10 pounds of potatoes would take up a bunch of quart jars (you can only get 2-3 potatoes per jar).  But I can dehydrate 10 pounds of potatoes and they fit into 3 jars is all.
   Anyway, another veggie I love to dehydrate is carrots.  Sometimes I just chop them up and dehydrate them but sometimes I make them into these little carrot coins. 
making carrot coins, dehydrating carrots, preserving carrots

  Just wash your carrots;  peel them and then cut off the ends.

making carrot coins, dehydrating carrots, preserving carrots
   I save the peels and dehydrate them and make a vegetable powder with them.

    Now using a mandolin, cut the carrots.
making carrot coins, dehydrating carrots, preserving carrots

  Just place the carrot "coins" onto your dehydrator tray and dehydrate for about 8 hours.  Or do as I do and just turn it on when you go to bed and they are done in the morning when you get up.  Easy-peasey!

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  1. Thank you for another great post. I would have never thought about using the peels for making powder. Patricia

    1. Patricia, veggie powders are so wonderful. I hate to think of how many peels that I have thrown out over the years and wasted now. :-)


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