Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lila Rose Review

    I recently had the opportunity to review a Lila Rose Flexi Clip to try out.  I had never really heard of Lila Rose but went and looked around the site and they had some lovely products.  I spoke with a great consultant and loved what they had to offer.  You can go click here to see what I am talking about.  
     Anyway, I picked out a product I really liked and was really not sure what to expect.  I thought, "okay, it is a hair barrette, so what?".  Well, once I received it, I knew it was different.  Let me tell you, I love it.  It is hard to explain but it is so different than others and I wear mine EVERY day.  Go check it out and watch some of the videos.  They are very versatile and lovely.  I know you'll fall in love with them too.

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