Thursday, July 25, 2013


  It has been awhile since I went and checked out my blog's demographics.  Demographics for a blog are just the statistical data letting the blogger know the types of people who visit the blog.  It lists the top countries, cities, age range, etc.
    For the past month, here are some the blog demographics:
    The countries whose citizens visited most often were:
        1.  U.S.
        2.  Canada
        3.  France
        4.  Russia
        5.  Germany
        6.  Iran
        7.  Poland
        8.  Ukraine
        9. United Kingdom
      10.  Phillipines
      11.  Australia
      12.  Netherlands
      13.  India
      14.  Brazil
      15.  Japan

   Here are the U.S. cities whose citizens visited most often:
        1.  NYC
        2.  Houston
        3.  Chicago
        4.  Atlanta
        5.  Midvale, UT
        6.  Dallas
        7.  Los Angeles
        8.  Austin, TX
        9.  Charlotte, NC

  I found the data really pretty interesting.   It is kind of amazing to think that people in all those other countries are actually reading things I write.  Thank you so much to each one of you.  Hugs!!!

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