Sunday, October 31, 2021

Most Popular Blog Posts for October

            I am so very grateful for my readers.  You guys are the best and I appreciate you coming to my blog.  For the month of October, the top 7 posts are:

1.  Chicken and Rice Soup Mix


2.  Dehydrating potatoes for long term storage.



3.  Turkey Breast cooked in a crock pot.  


4.  Hot Apple Cider Drink Mix




5.  How and Why to Dehydrate Aloe Vera.  



6.  Homemade Spice Cake mix



7.  Homemade Au Jus Mix.  



    Which one of these were your favorite?  I'd love to hear what you think so leave a comment below.  



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  1. Hi Melody!

    I'm glad you are back blogging. I hope you and your family are doing fine.
    I can't really decide what post I like best, to be honest I enjoy them all! Very grateful to be one of your loyal followers. Thank you for inspiring us again and again!
    Btw I am on the autistic spectrum and so is my youngest child... So I enjoy reading on that subject as well.

    With love from Tunisia.

    1. Hello and sending hugs your way. So glad you stopped by and loved hearing from you. I am on the autism spectrum too. How old is your youngest child? My "baby" who is the autistic one is 17.

  2. Hi Melody! My ASD diagnosed daughter is now 8 years old. Wow is your son already 17 years old! Since I've been reading this blog from the beginning, in my mind he's still like a 9 years old boy. Time flies by defenitely.

    I didnt know you were on the spectrum too yourself. That's interesting to hear.
    Hugs! <3


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