Wednesday, July 10, 2019

JZBRAIN Vacuum Sealer Review

    I was recently honored to check out and review the JZBRAIN vacuum sealer.  I have wanted a sealer for some time because we do process a lot of meat at home on our farm and being able to seal up the meat in dinner sized quantities would make life a lot easier.  

JZBrain vacuum sealer, recommended vacuum sealer

      Being able to seal our food will keep it fresh for so much longer and I won't have to worry about our food becoming freezer burned or absorbing smells or tastes from the freezer.  A friend of mine has a different brand of sealer and this one we got is soooo much better than hers and has a lot more features!  

JZBrain vacuum sealer, recommended vacuum sealer

     It comes with easy to follow directions and works wonderfully.  I was impressed that you can do dry food but also food that is wet or moist like steamed or poached, it has a mode to do those too.  You just push the button and it sucks all the air out and seals up the pouch perfectly.  

     I am so glad we got this and highly recommend it for anyone looking to purchase one in the near future.  

    You can buy one from the following link on Amazon:

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