Sunday, January 13, 2019

Breakfast Pancake Tacos

  Anyone can make plain pancakes but sometimes the kids get bored with just pancakes and that is when we make the protein packed Breakfast Pancake Tacos!   (Okay, to be honest they are just pancakes that have peanut butter smeared on them and then I fold them over like a taco but Ronny thinks it is super cool to eat a breakfast taco so give me the win!)  Shhhh!!!!

Breakfast pancake tacos

    Just make up a batch of pancakes.

Breakfast pancake tacos

    Get some creamy peanut butter.

Breakfast pancake tacos

   Spread a nice thick layer of peanut butter all over a pancake.

Breakfast pancake tacos

   Now just fold your pancake over into the "taco" shape and enjoy!

Breakfast pancake tacos

   Feel free to smear on some jelly or sliced bananas too!

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