Sunday, May 6, 2018

Deess Permanent Hair Removal system.

    This review is for the Deess Permanent Hair Removal system.  I was able to get this one and I am so glad that I did.  I am 49 years old and have multiple health problems (MS, diabetes, heart issues, etc.) and am beginning to get some facial hair and am not always up to the task of plucking as often as I should.  I often just don't have the energy to shave and do all the upkeep.  I am often on bed rest but I still want to look presentable and feel good about myself so this was the option I looked into and it has really helped.

Deess Permanent Hair Removal system.

   This permanent system can permanently remove hair after just 6-10 uses, which is really incredible.  I have done the first usage on my upper lip, chin area and armpits.  I will do my legs next.  You can also use it on other parts of your body, including your bikini area. 

    You have to shave the area you will be treating first and the hair will come back but it is lighter and thinner than it was before.  It should continue like this until the hair is not growing back at all.  After use, the area was a little red (not extremely red or painful) so I just used a moisturizing facial mask after I did my lip area and a good moisturizer on the rest of my skin to help.

    Just be patient with it and don't expect permanent results the first time.  It takes time but I am noticing improvement and from others I have spoken to, it does work.  I usually have to shave my arms daily and pluck daily.  After the first 3 days after treatment there were NO hairs but after day 4, the hair is coming in but like I said previously, it is lighter and thinner. Yahoo!
 If you would like to purchase it, you can find it here on Amazon.  Here is the link:

    I would recommend it.  


  1. Glad it is working for you, I for some reason never had hair issues other than not having any. Never shaved my legs or under arms, didn't have hair. My hair on my head grows very fast but even my arms are hairless. My grandma was the same way. I have two sisters who hated me for it,lol

  2. My chin and upper lip!!! Our family has always joked that my mustache was better then both of my brothers!
    Unfortunately, it's too much for me...maybe one day...
    Prayers going up for you!


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