Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Homemade Cherry Limeade!!!

      During the summer, whether I go to a Mom & Pop establishment or a popular drive-in restaurant, I ALWAYS order a Cherry Limeade!
  Nothing is more refreshing to me than a Cherry Limeade!  I experimented until I found the perfect combination that was satisfying as a purchased one and believe me, you'll love it so be sure to PIN it and SHARE it.  My oldest son tasted it and said I could put them all out of business because mine tasted that good.  :-)

Homemade Cherry Limeade

12 oz. Sprite (I used Sprite Zero because I am diabetic)
1 bottle maraschino cherries
1 lime

summer drink, refreshing drink, Cherry Limeade recipe,

       Cut the lime into wedges (I cut mine into 4).  Take one wedge and squeeze it into a glass.  Be sure to squeeze most of the juice out of it.  

summer drink, refreshing drink, Cherry Limeade recipe,
Lime juice in the cup.

      Once it is squeezed drop the wedge into the glass.  Now put in 2 of the Maraschino cherries.  Pour in the Sprite until it is almost full.  Now pour in 3 T. of the red liquid that is in the Maraschino Cherry jar.  Take another lime wedge and squeeze some more juice into the glass.  Place that lime wedge on the edge of the glass.  Gently swirl the contents of the glass (just a little, not much).  Now enjoy!!!!
    I think you'd enjoy my recipe for Southern Style Peach Iced Tea also. 

    I love to make this to go along with a meal of hamburgers and french fries or with a slice of homemade pizza.  Yum!

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  1. Sounds so refreshing! I cant wait to make some myself.

    1. Thank you. It is super good. Please let me know how you like it.


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