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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sharing some memories

       I recently had my daughter and her family down for a visit from Nebraska.  It was a lovely fact, one of the best visits we have had.  She is 25 and has been married to Seth since 2009 and they have 3 sweet boys.  Phineas is 6, Hayden is 3 and Declan is 2.  One reason for their names is because she said she always wanted a PhD and now she has them (from the initial from each of their first names).  ;-) 


This is Phineas feeding and petting Cooter and Dainty Girl.

     This is Phineas being pulled by Grandpa after finishing up some of the farming chores.  

     This is Hayden.  He truly already has that middle child attitude.  He gets mad at his momma here and it is so funny. 

   Since we only see them about once a year, we celebrated Christmas on this visit.  These are pics of the boys opening up the presents we got them and playing with the stuff. 

Hayden and Declan playing with the "pretend play" food.
Hayden had very good imagination even at such a young age and "chewed" the play food well.

I love Declan's little chubby cheeks.

Declan has something Hayden wants.
Brandy & Seth

My 3 kids.  Ronny (11), Brandy (25), & Bubba (17).
Fun at the park.
Ron being "King of the World" at the playground.
Declan, 2.

Thank you for allowing me to share and I hope you enjoyed looking at the pics.  

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