Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Double Camping Hammock Review

    We recently had the opportunity to review the Double Camping Hammock from Live Infinitely.   The hammock is very strong and durable.  There are two colors to choose from either the purple with grey trim or the dark grey (more like black) with blue trim.  We chose the one with the blue trim.  The hammock is made from weather resistant parachute material and the seams are triple stitched so it won't be coming a part any time soon.  It is guaranteed to hold up to 450 pounds so it definitely truly is a hammock built to hold two people.  
Live infinitely, double camping hammock,



    The feature that I was most impressed by is that it has an anti-flip design so you can feel safe getting in and out of it.  And unlike most hammocks that I have seen, this one comes with a really nice set of hammock straps.  These are heavy duty, stainless steel and nautical grade nylon rope so I feel comfortable using these straps instead of buying another set.  
     This would make a great addition to a bug-out-bag because it fold neatly up into a small pouch that measures just 6"x8" and weighs less than 2 pounds.  We plan on keeping it in our BOB but plan on using it for our many camping trips too.  We really are pleased with it and think you will be also.

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