Friday, October 23, 2015

Brick Genius Building Blocks

     Brick Genius building blocks are so much fun.  They are very similar to Lego blocks and are compatible to them.  This bag comes with 1000 bricks which is a really nice start for someone just getting into building blocks or will really add to a collection.  Our boys have a LOT of legos but were so thrilled to get all of these.  There are so many more things they can make now. 

    These building blocks have a nice tight fit and are just as good or better than the other name brand ones.  I love that this bag has the pieces that are desired and used the most.  There are a lot of roof pieces here and the possibilities of what they can build are almost limitless.  Another thing I really like is that this one comes with some fantastic colors that others just do not include in their normal kits.  My boys did not like some of them but I loved seeing the pink and purple.  :-)   

     If you are concerned about whether these will work with other building blocks then the answer is yes.  We have duplo and legos and they fit perfectly with both of these.  And this bag comes with a brick separator which is really nice.  My youngest is autistic and sometimes gets frustrated when he can't get them apart and this saves him aggravation. 

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