Thursday, September 24, 2015

Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

 I really have to say I'm reeeeally impressed with this motion sensor security light from Zitrades so far.

motion sensor security light, solar light

    When I got it, I unboxed it and put it right out in the sun for the day. That night I brought it inside and turned it on (the "switch" is inside a tiny hole on the underside of the unit.   I was very impressed with the light output ... the low light is unobtrusive and because of the design, should not be an issue for neighbors or whatever ... yet when you pass by the 46 LED bulb light gets significantly brighter ... enough to easily see for quite a larger area. I set it up in my hallway outside my bedroom for the night.

     Any time I went into the kitchen from the living room, the light got brighter ... so the sensitivity of the motion sensor is spot on. Late that night, I went to the bathroom and the light was still going strong ... which is plenty long enough and that was pretty impressive to me given that many solar units only work for a few hours after dark.

     The unit is reasonably light and I can tell it will be very easy to install. I can only say at this point that I totally expect that this unit will be everything I want it to be.


1.) Very Bright - High Lumen output (This is the brightest Solar powered LED light I have tested yet)
2.) Includes a rugged Aluminum mount that can be securely affixed that also allows quick removable access.
4.) Quick release mount allows this light to double as an emergency flashlight for indoor or outdoor use.
5.) Quality Weatherproof Aluminum Metal Housing with an Excellent LED defuser giving a less harsh light output.
6.) Motion Detecting does very well from wide angles and range
7.) High capacity : 3.7V 1700 mAh (6.29 Watt Hour) Li-ion rechargable Battery
8.) Extra large 5.5" x 3.5" = 19.25" square inch solar panel that charges on cloudy or sunny days
9.) Excellent quality high efficiency 6000k Color Temperature LED's that give off a nice WHITE Light (Not Blueish)
10.) It's a security light but it also does an excellent job at illuminating walking areas for your own safety
11.) I use it in conjunction with my 1080P Security Camera's allowing them to record much clearly images.

Cons: I really haven't found any "yet" other then the investment of a little more money to have a brighter and more capable security light.

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