Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cat Tourniquet

     This is a Cat (Combat Application Tourniquet) Tourniquet.  It would be perfect for any first aid kit, camp pack or bug out bag.  You never know when the situation will arise so it is important to keep it close by for emergencies.  This is one item that can literally save your life.  This is the same tourniquet used in the battlefield to stop hemorrhaging. 

combat application tourniquet, battlefield tourniquet,

    I love how there is an area right on the tourniquet to record the time the tourniquet is applied.  In an emergency situation, time can get away from you and adrenaline is pumping and the memory can fail you.  One of the first things a medical professional will ask is how long the tourniquet has been in place and if you record it right on the device, there are no questions. 

      The company who has made this (Ari-ale-Tools) believe in their product so much that they offer a 100% money back guarantee but I see absolutely no reason why you would not be satisfied with it.  It is well made and I truly trust it to be able to do the job if I ever need it (God forbid).   What I like most about it is that you can use it even if you are alone.  If you should be faced with a catastrophic injury, you can save your own life if you have to.

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