Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Galactic Lighting LED Lantern

When we first removed the lantern from the box, I was not expecting much. It is SMALL and figured it would not be worth much BUT we were pleasantly shocked. Once my hubby put the batteries in and turned it on, we were SHOCKED by how much light this tiny lantern actually put out. It is amazing.
Camping lantern, LED Galactic lighting

You can control the brightness with a simple turn of a knob to be dim or very bright. I really liked the fact that it took plain AA batteries and not some hard to find battery. Nice! We have 3 of these now and plan on buying one for each member of our family.
     It is very light and you can carry it without even noticing anything in your hands.  Even a small child could carry this with ease.  The ultra bright LEDS (4 in all) are really amazing.   I really like the 360 degree effect with this lantern and best yet, the LED's are guaranteed for 100,000 hours.

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