Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Autism DVD

   As most of you know, my youngest son (Ronny) is autistic.  I am always seeking different programs and things to help him.  I was fortunate to find a wonderful DVD program called "The Rhythm Tree".  I am so glad that I did.  I think I loved it almost as much as Ronny did.

The Rhythm Tree, musical therapy special needs, help for autistic kids,

     Ryan Judd is wonderful.  I loved how he looked each child in the eye and continued to engage each child visually throughout the presentation.  You can tell he really understands the special needs child.  He often would get down on the child's level and made it fun without over stimulating the children.

    There is no wonder that this DVD won a Dr. Troy Top 10 award.  Whether you are a parent, a therapist or an educator, this DVD would be a valuable resource for you.  You can order the DVD by itself or order the deluxe set that comes with the kid-friendly instruments that are used during the DVD.  We first ordered just the DVD and then went ahead and ordered the deluxe kit.  We loved it that much.

The Rhythm Tree, musical therapy special needs, help for autistic kids,

    Ryan has over 15 years of experience with special needs children as a musical therapist and it shows.  He definitely knows how to relate to them and you can tell that he genuinely loves doing what he does.  Watching the DVD, I know Ronny learned a lot of new social and developmental skills and had fun along the way.  I highly recommend it to you!

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